Getting Started

Coin Name Coin Symbol Coin Algorithm Stratum Host Stratum Ports & Diff
nutcoin NUT scrypt Port: 3008, Diff: 8 Port: 3032, Diff: 32 Port: 3256, Diff: 256

How to Start Mining NUTCoin

NUTPool doesn't require registration and you can start mining within minutes! Simply point your miner at our pool using your NUTCoin address as username and anything as password:

stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_NUT_ADDRESS -p anything

Choose a difficulty

Port 3032 has VARDIFF enabled and it should work great for most users. There are ports available if you need fixed difficulty with vardiff disabled.

stratum+tcp:// (diff 8)

stratum+tcp:// (VARDIFF)

stratum+tcp:// (diff 256)

Contact me if you would like another difficulty enabled.

Why there is no need for registration?

Your username is your NUTCoin address. That's how we know where to send your profits. Payments are automatic.

Contact me on Bitcointalk if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.